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The Healthy Eats App sprang to life from a single shining light bulb idea. The light bulb was generated by a bunch of passionate and like-minded people who have devoted their lives to positivity, energy, and healthy eating. People that know that our health is integral to happiness, and that the Australian population are unable to appreciate living their lives to their full potential, if there are convoluted messages on what constitutes being ‘healthy’ clouding their path.


The conception

In a land saturated with ‘health’ media, news and influencers, it is difficult to keep abreast of what is actually good for our bodies, what we should eat to energize us, and what diet choices to make to boost our overall health and wellbeing. We realised that healthy food is in fact abundant within Australia, but the difficulty is conveying the correct message. The challenge was educating people on what nourishes their bodies, and how to understand those tricky labels that may imply ‘healthy’ but are amass with chemicals and processed substances. We fast learned that it is difficult to teach an entire nation about nutrition, to the expert level that we have studied. Through Healthy Eats, we have found a way to do it that is easily understood.

The what

Enter, the Healthy Eats App. The brilliance of the Healthy Eats App is that it is simple. We have cut out the stressful need for consumers to dissect mass articles, or to analyse menus, ingredients, and Google everything that they consume.

The Healthy Eats App features an extensive list of Australian restaurants and eateries, that all have one thing in common – their nutrition based menus. With the swipe of a finger, consumers are easily able to view and select the closest healthy eating destination and enjoy their food, without the guilt.

Our expert Nutritionists have personally visited and reviewed each restaurant on the App to create a clear focus and detailed description of what is on offer in order to help consumers find healthy eating options easy. Our blog is regularly updated with free to access health information and tips. We are constantly striving to provide the most innovative nutrition information, that sits at the forefront of health.


The why

Our team is not just another health start-up, nor are we trying to break in to a consistently evolving industry. Health is what we do, it is who we are, it is what we have studied. It is the first thing we think about when we wake up and the last thing we think about before we go to bed. As trained Nutritionists, we have dedicated our lives to enhancing people’s wellbeing and we do it purely for the spark of satisfaction that we see in our client’s eyes, who we have led down the path to health.


The simplicity

Take your health back in to your own hands, the easy way. Download our Healthy Eats App ( or connect with our Healthy Eats Blog (


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