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Meat from Natural Farming: Interview with All Natural Meat Co

All Natural Meat Co.

Leading the Way in sustainable Farming

At Healthy Eats App we are inspired by people who do things the right way. Understanding the impact of how growing our food that ultimately feeds our bodies is something of the highest value. This is where All Natural Meat Co. was the perfect story we wanted to tell. Family owned and

meat farmed the right way. We hope you enjoy their story.

Tell us a little about all Natural Meat Co story?

Every generation of peters family have farmed, it is not something we just got into, it was destiny. HOWEVER, our philosophy is different to generations gone by; we always like to ask the question; why? and if not happy with the answer we challenge it. We want to always focus on what is good for the land, the animal and ultimately what is best for the people consuming our meat. These days often hearing story’s of people being sick/ allergies from chemicals in food. This is not acceptable, consumers should not accept this. The consumers approach to produce must change as this will in turn alter the approach to farming practices. As consumers and / or farmers ,we all have the responsibility to respect and nurture our land , as we are it’s current custodian.

Do you use any Pesticides, Insecticides or antiparasitic?

Pesticides, Insecticides and Antiparasitic are a big no-no on the Peter’s farm. Natural Meat Co. We have a big focus to keep the farm free of these chemicals. “ We don’t use any chemical insecticides or parasite treatments; these chemicals aren’t allowed under the all Natural meat Co philosophy. We practice the art of rotational Grazing, and Co-Grazing which allows the animals to move paddocks quiet often which allows to break the life cycle of the parasites and allows the grass to growth healthy”

All Natural Meat Co also practices co-grazing with Camels which has been very productive as Camels Graze and Brows on the foliage of trees, tinning out the tree cover and allowing more sunlight to promote grass growth.

They also eat pest weeds that are toxic and need to be kept under control.

One of the most important rolls of these Camels are to help with the diversity of gut bacteria present in the manure that will produce higher quality grass


Utilising these technics and knowing your meat has not chemicals is a really important factor when considering which meat to buy.

With the food world now dominated by large scale supermarket chains, fast food outlets and the demand for cheap solutions, somehow the world lost the most important factor, are the animals farmed in a sustainable manner which results in the best meat being produced and also allowing for sustainability of the environment.

This respect for both the land and the animals is something we should all respect and encourage. Because the end result is some of the best meat you will see which comes from happy well-loved animals.


Can You Tell us about Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is a method of farming. This is the focus of building soil health and diversity in the ecosystem. It ultimately offers enhanced profitability to the farmer, a more humane life for livestock, a much healthier ecosystem, and healthier food for all of us.                     



The regenerative agriculture practices allows incredible results in rebuilding organic matter and biodiversity in the soil, leaving the land better than it was before.

Every animal in the farm plays an important roll they all there for a reason, and the reason is to work with the natural cycles of life to produce the best chemical-free natural meat.


We notice you have planted a lot of trees, can you tell us why?

Forestation is another project of All natural Meat Co with the focus of creating native diversity and keeping the soil to protect lands slides if flooding occurs. Also key to this is the understand that farming takes a lot of trees from the land. The Peters have a focus on balance and sustainability. By replanting these native trees it allows for a healthier farm and importantly healthier earth.

Where can we find you?

You can find us at farmers markets across the Gold Coast and northern NSW, the meats are available for order via the website or you can shop what is available on the day from our well stocked fridges.


WEDNESDAYS Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market 7am – 11am,
Murwillumbah Showgrounds
WEDNESDAYS Nimbin Farmers’ Market 3pm – 6pm
41 Cullen Street, Nimbin
SATURDAYS Palm Beach Farmers’ Market 6am – 11.30am
Palm Beach Currumbin High School
SATURDAYS Burleigh Markets 7am – noon
Burleigh Heads State School


All Meat is Butchered and packed at the farm Ready to sell at the farmers market

monthly lunches and farm tours are also on the agenda at All natural Meat Co, go to their website and follow them on Instagram and facebook


From the farming technics to the way it is butchered and sold. All Natural Meat Co. are involved from start to finish. They butcher, pack and sell the meat as a family, making sure each person who buys and consumers their meat understand what they are buying. All products are Hormone and Antibiotic free. All animals are grass fed and free range. You wont catch any cages or grain fed animals on this farm!

They really want to produce food for people who are aware of animal care, sustainable farming and who want the highest quality meat.


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