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Lola Berry: the path to good health

Devoting her life of colours to her passion in health, there is very little Lola Berry won’t do to spread her message. Whether through her TV appearances, radio spots or her popular web series, Lola is reaching out to people all over the globe…and people are listening!

She’s convinced a TV host to swallow raw wasabi on live national television.

She’s dived into dumpsters on the streets of New York (…and eaten from one!).

She has also run madly in search of water after daring to munch on one of the world’s hottest chillies and has even handed out actual Black Eyed Peas to celebrities at an official “Black Eyed Peas” red carpet event.

With a Bachelor of Health Science (majoring in Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health), Lola Berry discovered a secret – the most nutritious, healthy food is also the tastiest!

Her fresh ideas and talent are a refreshing reminder that the path to good health does not need to be a difficult one, and it is certainly guaranteed to be a fun one.

What gave you such a passion to learn and understand so much about health?

Well, to be honest I was a DJ so I was totally unhealthy, I was the opposite, like I was a Chubby girl and my favourite food was lamingtons and dry caramelo Koalas, I was always suffering from  bloating and bad digestion. I just never felt right I didn’t know I had food sensitivities at all. And then I literally just started reading about superfoods and I was like “wow” this is so cool and I started getting really into it and that’s when I decided to start studying it and I knew I wanted to help more than one person at a time.  Got three jobs and bought a videocamera and started to filming youtube vids. And thats how it started…

From those videos how did it progress?

Actually, a cold call to a TV show in Mebourne, and I started morning television. So I just Called up a producer randomly and  I went hey! can I talk about health? I I guess a more holistic way of health and I think they viewed me as that hippy girl talking about mungbeans and carrot sticks and as soon as they called cut, they asked me to sign on as their nutritionist.

Healthy Eats has developed a platform to help  finding healthy restaurant easy, Can you tell us your experience about finding healthy Restaurants All over Australia?

I’m Actually a bit of a Nerd I so generally before I stay in an area I will Google it, I do some research on the area I’m in. and that’s how I figure out where to stay, depending on where the good food is and where the good yoga is.

How do you see a Platform like this making it easy for people? Do you see the benefits?

Oh absolutely, Because through Instagram, and the app I can see where are the healthy restaurants in the area and what it looks like and what I want to have. So yeah 100% I think that Having an app that is already doing that work for you is so beneficial.

People now are becoming more aware of the importance of nutrition and food and the roll it place in health. What advice would you give to people when trying to select a restaurant?

Having non- Negotiables, for me that would be No-Gluten, no dairy and then the rest I can balance out. As long as I make sure I’m getting lots of bright colours and healthy food in there. Figuring how what you are willing to compromise or not.

Could you give us your Top 5 restaurants that you like to eat in Australia?

1. Happy Place  because there is no gluten in any of our products, there is no dairy and is very easy to tailor it to make it vegan, it is predominantly vegan, we also have options to make it fructose friendly. The original idea of “Happy Place” comes from wanting people to go there and find the “Happy Place within you.”. Every recipe originally comes from one of my books and then we tweaked it to make it specific for Happy place” and that’s why w we care a lot about the ethos and the story behind every ingredient, like our macadamias are from, Byron Bay, our Almond Butter is made on site in the south Melbourne market, we really care about where everything comes from.

The reason why we have a transparent fridge is because that shows people the ingredients.

The whole point is that you can go there and find whatever you want, whether you want to have a really awesome treat smoothie like a sneakers that is still gluten-free, daiy-free and vegan. Or you want to have a black detox and very low fructose and stay on a cleanse. the whole idea is that you can go there and find what you want. And the energy and the way I treat all of my staff is that they are a billboard for happiness, the whole idea behind the company is that you can go there and find your happy place there, even if your just going to get a smoothy.


2. Proteini in Sydney, they do amazing paleo caveman bowls which are so Healthy and Paleo pancakes.

3. Warren and Holt, they do beautiful whole food. You can really tell they have really high end Chef everything there taste like phenomenal, they do this amazing Paleo popcorn chicken that taste like you are having something really bad but its not bad, all their stuff is really delicious.

4. Little Sunflower  in Melbourne, they make amazing pumpkin paleo bread and they are really good at tailoring it for you and beautiful buddha bowls, real healthy bright vibrants bowls.

5. This is Life  in Melbourne is fantastic, they have amazing smoothies that they even intertwine with essential oils which is kind of rare , they do amazing gluten free beetroot waffles made on a base of Teff flour  a new gluten free ingredient.


Can you fill us in on how your last Book “Beauty Food” was developed and also anything else  that you are working on.

It is call Beauty Food because I used to be a make up artist, so it is all around food to help nourish your hair skin and nail, and your eyes. They reality is just a wholesome way of eating, so, you don’t have to be after beauty results to be eating this way, anyone can be eating this way.

Is there any new projects your are working on.

I Have a new book coming out that is not but that’s not until June, it’s called Happy Place. And then I guess I’m really going down the path of really cool stuff like healing through mother nature, spiritual stuff, reiki, and I think that it really health and the movement and the exercise. I am also working on the virtual and emotional wellbeing which is where crystals come in, so yeah I have a range of things I am focused on which is really exciting.



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